7 Reasons Why Being in a Season of Singleness is as Enlightening as Ever

So let's face it.

There are not many twenty-somethings who will admit at first glance that they are excited to be single, especially when you are the only single friend in the room. Your girls, as much as you love them are boo'd up, caking and tending to those nurturing

relationships that you have convinced yourself that you deserve.

I get it. I have gone from consistent weekend plans to only linking during a birthday, engagement, or wedding. And trust, this is a beautiful sight, but sometimes you have to wonder where did the time go? Does this exist for me? And if so, where the heck is it?

Saturday nights have turned into field trips to Target, text messages get answered hours later than average and going out? It's slim to none to get everyone in the room at once.

Yes, it's hard, but have you ever wondered why? Sometimes without realizing it, we count on our friends and only our friends for a grand time. However, in reality, there is plenty that you can do until the one that you've been waiting for comes along to add to your life.

So kiss those pity parties, fairy tales and grudges goodbye. You're good in your single season sis and I have 7 ways (so far), to improve it.

Comparing your situation won't change it.

Because as the Instaquote goes, you cannot compare your day one to someone else's day five. Be real with your feelings, but keep in the back of your mind that not everything that glitters is gold and that what is for you will not miss you.

Remember to not double down on how you feel.

Aside from not comparing yourself, don't negate the fact that your feelings are valid and that because they are there, they have significant meaning. Some days you may feel alone but understand that most feelings only last 90 seconds. Before you jump to react

to how you feel, take a minute or two to grasp where they are coming from.

Date yourself for a while.

Considering that a majority of your free time has been spent with friends, have you ever thought about the fact that you don't actually know yourself? This is the moment when you have to date you and only you. Entertain your own company, buy yourself your favorite perfume, sweets, or cook yourself your favorite meal. This is the time where you

find out what is truly important to you.

Travel solo and let the glow speak for itself.

There is nothing better than seeking adventure in a new city, town, or country! And surprise! Traveling does not have to be super expensive. Check out Pinterest for free hidden gems, Groupon for discounted activities, and ask locals where the best food is. Before you set off, buy yourself a tripod, portable charger, and a selfie stick to capture

the memories. Just remember to exercise caution, sis.

Journal, journal, journal.

Sometimes when there is no one to spill your heart out to or if you feel as though you can't, invest in a cute journal. Yes, cute, because sometimes we are more inclined to use things that catch our eye. Allow the journal to be your peace, your safe space, your home for all of your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and prayers.

Get those endorphins going.

One of my favorite ways to love myself and my body is to workout. Cardio if we're being exact. Full-body workouts not only do the body good but the mind as well.

Start slow with a few laps around the track or go full force by investing in a gym membership, either way, do something that helps you move.

Talk it out with someone who has been there.

There is nothing better than knowing that you are not the first woman to go through this, and thankfully you won't be the last. This also means that there is a woman who came before you who can share that everything you are feeling is 100 percent normal.

In reality, friends can't always help you, and honestly sis maybe they shouldn't. Creating space for friends to get too invested welcomes one too many opinions and a whole gang of confusion. So, don't feel bad. Don't feel bad for not wanting to discuss where you currently are and don't feel bad for creating those boundaries that keep you grounded.

More experiences should be welcome here, and if you're in your twenties, we have only had so much.

Listen, all of the feelings you have are normal, and the desire you have for companionship is adequate. No one loves being a single friend in the beginning! But over time, you realize how valuable you are, how real your self-worth has become, and how valuable your space is. In time you will appreciate this season for all of the new life that bloomed within it and come to understand that maybe being single isn't so bad

for a moment.